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So Much More Than Managing Waste

Focused on people, service and sustainability, inteWaste is doing things the right way today so we can all share in a better tomorrow.

Our Services

Waste & Recycling Pick Up

We offer reliable and efficient waste and recycling pick-up services for homes and businesses.

Pit & Tank Emptying

We specialize in pit and tank emptying services, utilizing advanced techniques and equipment to ensure proper disposal.

Biogas Energy

We specialize in biogas production, utilizing advanced technologies to convert organic waste into valuable energy resources.

Landscaping Services

Our professional landscaping services combine aesthetics with sustainability, creating a harmonious blend of nature and cleanliness.

Cleaning Services

We provide comprehensive cleaning services tailored to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients.


We offer comprehensive sustainable waste management training programs tailored for individuals, businesses, and communities.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Create Green societies that are healthy, educated, informed and sustainable for everyone through everyday waste innovations to environmental protection.

InteWaste is reinventing what’s possible to enable a more sustainable world through the Green Innovations.

We envision communities where material is repurposed and recycled, energy is renewable.

  • Material is REPURPOSED
  • Energy is RENEWABLE
  • Communities are THRIVING

Our Achievements & Memberships