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Waste Management

Your Trusted Partner for Responsible Waste Management in Malawi.

At inteWaste, we provide comprehensive waste and recycling pickup services for both residential and commercial clients. As a leading waste management company, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and promoting sustainability.

Local and Tailored General Waste Solutions

With our waste and recycling pickup service, we take the hassle out of waste management. Our expert team ensures reliable and timely collection of waste from your premises, helping you maintain a clean and organized environment. We handle all types of waste, including general waste, recyclables, and organic waste, ensuring proper disposal and promoting recycling practices.

Industries We Serve

We cater to a wide range of industries, including residential properties, commercial establishments, offices, retail stores, restaurants, and more. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet the unique waste management needs of each industry, ensuring efficient and responsible waste disposal.

Why Choose Us

  1. Sustainability: We promote a greener future by actively encouraging recycling and responsible waste management practices.
  2. Reliability: We ensure dependable waste pickup services, collecting your waste as scheduled and with consistent efficiency.
  3. Expertise: With extensive industry experience, we handle waste efficiently and safely, following industry best practices and regulations.
  4. Tailored Solutions: We offer customized waste management solutions, aligning with your unique requirements for collection schedules and waste bins.
  5. Community Impact: By choosing inteWaste, you empower local communities through job opportunities, particularly for youth and women, fostering income, empowerment, and education.

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